The Duke of Delhi Crowned Norfolk’s Best Indian Restaurant

In the charming village of Saxlingham Nethergate outside of Norwich, a culinary gem has risen to prominence. The Duke of Delhi restaurant and takeaway in Norwich, has been honoured with the title of the county’s best Indian eatery. This prestigious recognition comes courtesy of the Euro Asia Curry Awards, an accolade that acknowledges the finest curry establishments across the UK.

A Royal Taste of India

At The Duke of Delhi, it’s not just about food; it’s about a culinary experience that transports diners to the heart of India. The restaurant’s diverse menu features an array of traditional Indian and Bangladeshi dishes, each crafted to perfection.

Euro Asia Curry Awards: Celebrating Excellence

The Euro Asia Curry Awards are renowned for their commitment to recognising excellence in the curry industry. Winning this award is not just a testament to The Duke of Delhi’s culinary prowess but also a reflection of the dedication and passion of the entire team behind this village treasure.

The Duke of Delhi’s triumph as Norfolk’s best Indian restaurant is a testament to the rich and diverse culinary landscape that the county has to offer. In the picturesque setting of Saxlingham Nethergate outside of Norwich, this hidden gem brings the flavours of India and Bangladesh to the local community, inviting customers on a journey of taste and tradition. If you’re in Norwich, these award-winning establishments are certainly worth a visit for a taste of the extraordinary.

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